Facing the Epidemic

  • Today’s youth grow up in a world of absurdity. Values and morals are declining, as craziness is becoming the social norm.
    • Suicide rates are skyrocketing, and substance abuse is on the rise.
      • In recent years, over 200 teenagers in Torah observant communities have killed themselves through suicide, drugs, and alcohol.
    • Learning disabilities, mental illness, and runaway youth have become common within our society.
  • Our unique program, 5Alive, has been combating the negative effects of these rampant challenges as well as psychosocial, emotional, and family issues.  
    • We support many adolescents that nobody else can or will help.
    • We are involved with many children who have already turned towards “the streets.”
  • Additionally, we focus on prevention for youth who are potentially at risk.  
  • Ultimately, we recognize the dangers facing today’s youth and do everything within our legal and ethical power to help them.

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