Five Alive VIP was founded by Rabbi Yoskeh Levin on the principal that within every one of us, there is a leader yearning to emerge. (poised, longing, waiting, craving)

 For over four decades, Rabbi Levin has run a worldwide campaign to transform adolescents at-risk. He has succeeded in inspiring thousands of youth and adults alike, many of whom are now spiritual leaders and mentors in communities around the world.

 He ran a youth club for searching teens in Israel for more than 20 years before moving to New York to work out of the famous Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, Lubavitch World Headquarters. From this small enclave he branches out around the world, teaching, mentoring, and guiding youth and adults. He joined the faculty of the Jewish Educational Trade School (JETS) in 2009 and is the inspirational and spiritual guide to the students and staff.

 “Yoskeh” uncovers the unique talent and individuality of each person and brings out his hidden potential. He uses creative, innovative, and ever-evolving techniques to instill in others a vibrant sense of G-d’s Torah and G-d’s creations. He derives all of his strength, subject matter, and inspiration from the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. These teachings provide the guidance and direction that enables Yoskeh to invest in every youth, an investment in our collective future.

 “Five Alive” is his signature program, developed and refined over the course of seven years. Through this experiential group study, participants learn to integrate their physical senses within their thinking process. Senses come alive through the power of understanding generated by deep study and contemplation.

 The entry point of Five Alive is the “Gate of Unity” composed by the Mittler Rebbe, Dov Ber. This discourse is referred to as the “keys to Chassidus” (from the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Hayom Yom, 15 Adar Beis). A person may own the finest palace, but without the keys of entry, its beauty is inaccessible.

 Our groups have delved into this paradigm of study in many beautiful places across the world, building true and everlasting friendships and creating powerful leaders who have changed their lives and by example, are changing the lives of others. We are a family where each individual know that they are never alone.

Rabbi Yoskeh, was born in Israel, he is married to Chani has three children and three grandchildren.


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